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August 17 2023

Qlayers' 10Q robot is the industry's first automated paint robot that transforms the manual method of coating large-scale storage tanks into a semi-automated, efficient, and safe process. Our innovative robotic solution enables clients to improve the efficiency and productivity of their coating projects while preserving the environment from overspray contamination.

During the application process, the workers can operate the robot from a safe distance on the ground using the user-friendly control system. Replacing manual work with the robotic solution reduces the number of working hours at dangerous heights by up to 80%, minimizing the risks of possible injuries caused by working on suspended platforms and scaffolding. 

In addition, 10Q robots are equipped with Qlayers' patented spray shielding system that prevents overspray from being released into the air. Eliminating overspray is a great advantage of this technology which makes the spray coating process cleaner and safer for workers and the environment. 

Since the first test pilot in late 2019, Qlayers' 10Q robots have been deployed in over 20 coating projects and demos at tank terminals in Europe, the UK, APAC and the USA. 


Coating speed of >200 m²/h
Consistent automated performance
Autonomous lane switching and positioning
80% Less working hours at dangerous heights
Virtually no overspray outside the patented shielding system (hood)
Environmental-friendly process due to overspray elimination
90% Transfer efficiency
All layer thicknesses are possible
Guarantees good spray results in up to a wind force of 4 Bft
Mobile system, easily transportable 
Up to 50% more paint efficient
Can work with all industry state-of-the-art coatings
Tank limitation to maximum height of tank 30m


Areas of Application Storage tanks
Control of Process Flow Automated quality control on coated areas of the tank.
Accuracy Accurate layer thickness control and client reporting on key parameters in the application process
Cost Cost competitive due to fewer man hours and automation.
Environment Saving up to 20% paint. Virtually no overspray outside the spray shielding system.
Safety Reduced working at dangerous heights by up to 80%.
Speed Coating speed of >200m2/hour
Application Conditions Good spray results  up to a wind force of 4 Bft.
Automation Semi autonomous, easy to operate, user friendly controller.
Maintenance Daily and weekly maintenance to be done by coating contractor. Service and monthly and yearly maintenance to be done by Qlayers.

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Qlayers is a Dutch high-tech scale-up revolutionizing the world of industrial coating.

Qlayers is developing innovative robotic solutions for coating large industrial assets such as storage tanks, wind turbine blades and ships.

Our automated robotic solutions enable contractors to apply protective coatings without any overspray and carry out the job in a fast, safe, and highly efficient manner.

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