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Injury free bolt tightening made easy

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August 4 2023

The HYTORC Washer allows for more accurate, faster and safer bolt tightening as it simplifies the bolting set-up by removing the need for a reaction arm. This removes the well known pinching hazard and eliminates the risk of personal injury.

The HYTORC Washer can be used vertically and upside-down, with both ratchet links and socket wrenches and prevents galling and a damaged flange surface.

The use of HYTORC Washers is recommended by the ASME according to guidelines PCC-1-2013, VDI2230 and API.



Maximum safety: no more pinch hazards
Improved accuracy
No more shear, bending forces & no more galling
Equal bolt load: scatter in bolt load is cut in half
Durability: Relaxation & setting will decrease
In some cases you'll need longer bolts


Areas of Application (Petro)chemical industry | Automotive | Civil engineering | Off shore
Available coatings Chemically blacked and treated with a corrosion repellent oil | Galvanized ISO 1461; Boltcoat® GLEIT-μ® (MoS2)
Certifications / licences ISO 7090 | ANSI-B 18.22.1 | DIN 267 | ISO 4759
Material AISI 4140 (UNS G41400) | 42CrMo4 (1.17225) | RVS (316L) | Any material needed
Sizes From size ½” – 3” (M14 to M80) | Different sizes possible on request
Temperature 540°C (1,000°F), reusable up to 400 °C (750°F).

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HYTORC makes industrial bolting safer and simpler. With 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry.

From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants, and wind turbines; we have developed solutions for every bolting application imaginable. For custom projects, our highly experienced engineering team is at your service to design the most efficient solution for your job with simple operation and economical pricing in mind.

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