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Magnetic anchor for risers and scaffolding

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August 4 2023

A welded steel connection is strong but as a temporary solution it has much impact on health, cost, environment and material. In the Dutch industry several thousand temporary welding connections are daily made for fitting scaffoldings, hoisting eyes, lashing eyes, lifting tanks etc. Today’s alternative is the McNetiq Controlock, the first magnet that can be tested on load bearing and sliding capacity.

It is patented, fire proof, and it works without battery, can be scaled endlessly. The first developed and certified application is the scaffolding anchor. E.g. Dow Chemical, Shell, ExxonMobil saved a lot of money with it.

McNetiq and Shell Pernis developed a pipe support to mount risers on e.g. storage tanks. Traditionally, risers are mounted with chemical anchors and that proces has some disadvantages in comparison with magnets. The pilot was successful, saving both time and money.

Future applications are: fall protection, temporary handrail, pipe supports, lashing eye, hoisting eyes.


Cost efficient; eliminates welding, reduces scaffolding logistical operations & material usage
Sustainable; 0% emissions & 0% energy consumption | Magnets can be reused
Safe; No change in surface tension | Preventing risk of collapsing, moving, or sinking scaffold
One needs carbon steel (>4 mm) to use magnets


Areas of Application The magnetic anchor is a switchable permanent magnet, that can be used on steel surfaces such as tanks, ships, steel construction etc. for fixation of risers and scaffolding.
ATEX certified Yes
Capabilities In ideal conditions the magnet is able to create a brake away force of approximately 2200 kg.
Certifications / licences Each product comes with a unique serial number and test report.
Connectivity Attraction force of the anchor is dependent on: airgap between magnet and wall, thickness of the wall, type of steel.
Maintenance Yearly check
Temperature -25°C ....+80 °C, stock and operation (higher values on request).
Usability Outside in rain, snow and frost.

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McNetiq developed its patented technology Controlock® that allows a safe securing of anchors on steel by using magnets. This technology is based on the ability to determine with certainty the effective load force of a magnetic connection on a steel surface. This is an absolute condition for a safe fixture since steel thickness, coatings, and air gaps are influencing the actual magnetic force. Controlock® technology is unique in enabling permanent or temporary magnetic connections. Using McNetiq's magnetic anchors with Controlock® can prevent welding or other -possibly permanently damaging- alternatives.

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