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VertiDrive Blasting Robots

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The robotic solution for paint stripping and high pressure cleaning

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May 19 2023

VertiDrive is the world's leading manufacturer of Magnetic Robot Crawlers for washing, grit-blasting, sand-blasting, hydro blasting, UHP paint stripping, etc. The technology delivers significant cost reduction compared to manual blasting for maintenance contractors and asset owners.

We have reinvented the way of heavy-duty work on steel surfaces in impossible places. 

Our robots are designed to effectively remove dirt, paint, and coatings on various steel surfaces like storage tanks, ship hulls, and other large steel structures.

Besides closed hydroblasting solutions, some of our models can be equipped with interchangeable applications, like high-pressure washing, hydroblasting, and abrasive blasting. This enables to change from one job to another in just a few minutes; change from dry blasting to hp washing without wasting any time.

Our solutions are therefore used by many companies for high-pressure activities such as surface preparation, industrial cleaning, subsea cleaning, and hold cleaning


Increased production rate over traditional (manual) blasting up to 40m² - 70m² an hour
Ergonomic operation, reduced operator fatigue, robots can run without any problem up to 23 hours a day
Consistent, high quality surface profile
Eliminates requirement for working at height (no scaffolding, cherry pickers, lift, etc.)
Waterblasting, no abrasives, no dust, no abrasives recycling
No collection / recycling of abrasives required
Polluted water is collected and ready for filtering / recycling
Only for use of steel surfaces


Areas of Application Designed for use on vertical and overhead steel surfaces.
ATEX certified Upon request our M3 and M4 robots can be delivered with certification for ATEX Zone II.
Blasting media Water, garnet, glass, non-ferrous slag, dry ice, etc.
Capabilities Climbing vertical and overhead surfaces; ultra high pressure water jetting; high pressure washing; abrasive blasting.
Maintenance Low cost and easy maintenance, full support from manufacturer and/or distributor.
Modular design Possibility to convert our M3 robot into an M4 robot with conversion kit | Compact and lightweight modules for transfer through manhole
Preparation Consistent, high quality surface preparation to Sa 3 / WJ-1.
Return on Investment Up to: 8 times faster than manual work | 92% cost reduction | 8 times more efficient
Usability Handheld (wireless) remote control for electric controlled robot, or compact and ergonomic control box for pneumatic (ATEX) robot.
Working at height Up to 30 meter.

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Operations Manager


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About VertiDrive B.V.

VertiDrive, established in 2008, is an innovative company that designs safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective robotic solutions.

Our mission is to deliver excellent engineering solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations through the application of sound engineering principles. We strive for client satisfaction by designing user-friendly and low-maintenance machines and by ensuring fast on-site support.

We develop and produce robotic solutions that re-invent the way of work at impossible places. Starting from attraction, we look at safety, accessibility and efficiency from every perspective, in 360 degrees. Ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

+31 10 763 02 00
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