Fully Automatic Orbital Welding

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Robotic in-situ welding results in shorter downtime

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August 4 2023

In an industry first for the (petro)chemical sector, Mourik introduced a fully automatic orbital welding machine in-situ. The equipment delivers precise accuracy, virtually eliminating the possibility of weld defects. Furthermore, theĀ constant speed of the equipment can result in shorter production times, delivering shorter downtime for the installation.


Only suitable for a large number of round objects


Areas of Application (Petro)Chemical Industry | In-Situ
Capabilities >70% Arc-on time | Hands free welding
Certifications / licences CE certification


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Mourik is a reliable partner in the field of technical services in the (petro)chemical industry as well as the steel, metal, energy and environmental sectors. The disciplines in which we are active include industrial cleaning, mechanical work, integral maintenance, industrial and commercial construction, tank (terminal) maintenance, catalyst handling, asbestos clean-ups and environmental technology.

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