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GembaIoT Smart Remote Monitoring

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Solution for corrosion prevention

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June 2 2023

GembaIoT has developed an innovative solution which monitors the condition/status of your cathodic protection system on a daily basis and detects problems during an early stage on the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This makes it possible for you to take action in time and prevent any calamities. This is possible for over-ground and underground piping.


  • Alerts and notifications to the app on your smartphone (IoS and Android).
  • Sensor with long-life battery.
  • Setting the maximum and minimal values for the alarm.
  • Fall detection with alarm in the app.
  • Periodical measurement of Direct Current (DC) & Alternating Current (AC).


Early problem solving and prevention of calamities
More effective deployment of staff
Return on investment
No visual inspection


Applicability Kettner measuring pile | RFS measuring pile (external antenna) | Polyester
Capabilities Movement sensor; direct report in case of toppling | Pressure equalizer; dimensions: 124 x 46 x 32.5 mm
Connectivity Internal and external connection via antenna.
Coupons Coupon on current measurements: DC: -600 till +600 mA -- AC: 0 till 0,4 Amp | Coupon for Infra Red measurements: 1x per 24 hours 'off' potential
Frequency Measuring frequency is adjustable.
Housing ABS plastic / IP65
Measurement Direct execution via magnetic contact.
Pipe/ground potentials DC: -85 till +85 Volt | AC: 0 till 60 Volt RMS

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Gemba

Gemba is an organisation with extensive experience in the area of Asset & Service Management system implementation. Based on our no-nonsense philosophy, our consultants have a practical background combined with a high level of IT expertise. We are an AAA-accredited IBM business partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. We provide the complete portfolio of IBM-related asset, service management and analytics solutions. In addition we provide diverse mobile solutions, and services and training on all products.

Gemba Service B.V. has been delivering services in the Benelux Union and beyond since 1997. We have more than 25 consultants who focus exclusively on the implementation of IBM Asset & Service Management and Analytics solutions.

+31 20 482 2929
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