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Replication and Synchronization Solution

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For near real-time data insights

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January 19 2023

Synchronizing data between HQ, regional offices, and remote locations remains a challenge for many businesses. Low latency, limited bandwidth, and automated recovery are some of the key factors that play a vital role in the availability of data.

Gemba MaxSync© is an enterprise-grade software solution for faster, reliable, and flexible data replication and synchronization with no manual intervention. It allows you to quickly replicate your database and file systems across all your locations, including HQ, regional offices, offshore sites, backup servers, laptops, and mobile devices. It is easily integrated into IBM Maximo asset management and other systems with minimal disruption to your operations.



Streamline operations with high availability of up-to-date data across all locations.
Accelerate business processes with real-time information.
Quickly scale to any number of locations without any restrictions or performance issues.
Boost employee productivity through improved collaboration.
Increase staff satisfaction with consistent performance.
Reduce waiting time to interact with your application.
No maintenance overhead.
Deployment of MaxSyn© outside of IBM Maximo takes more time.


Platform Independent Runs on most operating systems and syncs all leading databases.
Easy to Setup Synchronize your database and files with minimal interruption to your operations.
Lightweight Integrate into any application or platform with no added latency.
Automatic Recovery Recover from failed synchronization and network outage without manual intervention.
Data Transformation Filter, subset, and transform data according to your requirements.
Bi-Directional Data Sync Synchronize data to and from all your locations without conflicts and loops.
Centralized Configuration Central registration server to keep and sync all configurations and subscriptions.
Remote Management Manage from anywhere using REST APIs, command-line tools, or JMX console.

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About Gemba

Gemba is an organisation with extensive experience in the area of Asset & Service Management system implementation. Based on our no-nonsense philosophy, our consultants have a practical background combined with a high level of IT expertise. We are an AAA-accredited IBM business partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. We provide the complete portfolio of IBM-related asset, service management and analytics solutions. In addition we provide diverse mobile solutions, and services and training on all products.

Gemba Service B.V. has been delivering services in the Benelux Union and beyond since 1997. We have more than 25 consultants who focus exclusively on the implementation of IBM Asset & Service Management and Analytics solutions.

+31 20 482 2929
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