Aerial Data Solution

Endless coverage. Zero disruption.

SkyX addresses major industry problems with a solution comprising four interoperable cutting-edge platforms:

SkyOne & SkyTwo – Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as drones, with vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) and long-range flight capabilities. SkyX aerial systems utilise a variety of sensor payloads to conduct the detailed asset inspections that customers require.

xStation - All-weather ground stations that provide shelter, communications relay, and weather monitoring while the RPAS recharges for its next mission.

SkyXOS – Proprietary software that handles fleet management and links communications between the pilot, aerial system, ground station, and data analytics platform.

SkyVision – The data warehouse and analytics platform that leverages machine-learning algorithms to analyze raw images, classify anomalies, and produce actionable data insights


No upfront costs for hardware because of Data-as-a-Service business model
High-quality aerial data & access to predictive analytics
Ability to make intelligent and informed decisions
Locate incidents with increased accuracy
Promote the transition from a reactive to a proactive safety culture
The autonomy built into the platform can only be leveraged once regulations allow for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations


Application Gyrostabilized EO/IR camera system | LiDAR | Multispectral cameras
Areas of Application Inspection and monitoring of midstream oil & gas assets | Power Transmission lines | Railway Lines | Coastlines and Borders | Infrastructure
Capabilities Predictive models and big data analytics, anomaly detection and classification, change detection analysis, orthomosaic imagery
Operating conditions All weather flight capability
Range 100 – 250 km | 62 – 155 miles
Speed 100 Kph | 62 Mph
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Maturity Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About SkyX

SkyX is revolutionising the way aerial data is accumulated, analysed and actioned. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with purpose-built aerial systems, SkyX sources and delivers actionable data to commercial and government agencies in applications ranging from inspection of midstream oil and gas, power and rail assets to border patrol and emergency search and rescue. Equipped with this intelligence, organisations can make intelligent and informed decisions with regards to the health of their aging infrastructure, mitigate risks associated with having remote assets and reduce tremendous amount of cost for maintenance and insurance. 


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