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24/7 wireless condition monitoring

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August 4 2023

FitMachine is a continuous condition monitoring solution that monitors temperature, vibration, and acoustics, and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand and monitor asset operation and health 24/7. The primary business benefits our customers realise from FitMachine includes improved reliability, and an early warning of maintenance issues that often lead to unplanned downtime. 


Quick and simple install; < 5 mins
Continuous condition monitoring – samples every 5 minutes
Certified to IP66 – designed for harsh internal/external industrial environments
Wireless solution – no wires required to connect
Simple web interface
Not suitable for slow rotating equipment (< 200rpm)
Not suitable for submersible pumps


Areas of Application Balance of plant assets that typically don’t have fixed instrumentation. Pumps, motors, gearboxes, cooling towers, compressors etc.
ATEX certified ATEX/IECEx certification: IECEx: Ex ia I Ma - Ex ia IIC T4 Ga - Ex ia IIIC T200 135oC Da IP66 - ATEX: IM1, II 1 GD
Capabilities Using our AI engine FitMachine learns about the normal operating behaviour of an asset and samples every 5 minutes looking for early signs of change to temperature, vibration or noise.
Certifications / licences FitMachine is certified by relevant Communications Authorities including – Australia, NZ, EU, USA, Canada
Connectivity FitMachine communicates via WiFi – either customer WiFi or the FitMachine Gateway. FitMachine Gateway uses 4G or CatM1 IoT networks to transmit data to MOVUS MachineCloud
Engineering rating/qualification Certified to IP66
Implementation time FitMachine can be installed and operating within 5 minutes.
Integration MOVUS MachineCloud includes a RESTful API that allows extensive sharing of FitMachine insights to core business systems. Existing integrations include OSIsoft Pi Historian, IBM Maximo, and SAP HANA.
Support MOVUS offers extensive customer support via web channels, LiveChat, digital FAQ’s, and our partner network like ALS Global.

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Based in Brisbane Australia, and founded in 2015, MOVUS’s world-leading Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution FitMachine® transforms dumb machines into ‘smart machines’ and enables this through consumer styled simplicity combined with world-class artificial intelligence.

MOVUS has customers around the world in industries including manufacturing utilities, chemicals, oil and gas, and facilities management

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