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Predictive Digital Twins for Asset Life Extension

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Akselos’s top predictive power for digital twins

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November 25 2022

Akselos provides a software called Akselos Integra ®, with distinctive features:

  • Reduced Basis Finite Element Analysis (FEA) algorithm, which allows simulation 1,000 times faster than FEA with the same accuracy.
  • Parameterized 3D models, where components can be reconfigured in seconds, based on different loading conditions in seconds.
  • Cloud-based applications to run thousands of fast simulations with little in-house IT overhead.

The combination of these features allow analysis of many “what if” scenarios, study uncertainties in a model, and perform quantitative risk assessments.

Learn how Akselos is lowering costs to make widespread offshore wind generation a reality thanks to funding from Eureka

The Bonga Main FPSO heralded a number of innovative ‘firsts’ when it was built back in 2004, so it’s fitting that it’s the first asset of its kind to deploy something as advanced as a structural Digital Twin. We are very excited about the new capabilities that Akselos brings and believe it will create a positive impact on the way we manage structural integrity. It is also a great example of digitalisation coming to life.” 

- Elohor Aiboni, Asset Manager for Bonga | Shell.

Learn more about Akselos' successful deployment for Shell's Bonga main FPSO, world's largest structural Digital Twin.


Run fully detailed global analysis of large-scale assets, based on real-life physical scenarios, in few seconds
Practically unlimited scalability to capture exact condition of an asset by incorporating real-life inspection data in the global model (e.g. cracks, corrosion, damage, fatigue regions)
Digital Twin calibration based on sensor and inspection data to allow integrity calculations based on real loads
Identify which exact component of your asset would fail, under thousands of different scenarios
Asset Life Extension through increased modelling accuracy and consideration of actual loading regime
Consider thousands of possible in-service conditions and scenarios to produce rich, physics based, predictive data sets for Machine Learning to fill gaps in data gathered from field operations and augment Digital Twins based on big data analytics.
Support for live asset monitoring and interpretation of sensor data
Asset-based license and cloud-based hosting to allow unrestricted deployment, seamless knowledge sharing and collaboration
Integration with asset management software
Focused on Structural Integrity but based on an open environment for integration to other simulation tools


Accuracy Highly accurate and detailed structural digital twins using new analysis technology that has been extensively validated based on peer-reviewed research and industry applications.
Areas of Application Structural integrity of critical assets (floating and fixed offshore, hulls, topsides, subsea, downstream, Offshore Wind, etc.).
Asset life extension Akselos allows higher fidelity modelling of geometry and loads removing conservative assumptions and extending fatigue life.
Capabilities Static, Dynamic, Thermal and acoustic analysis. RB-FEA Solver 1000x faster than conventional structural simulation methods. Fracture Mechanics (J-Integral). Hybrid approach allows nonlinear materials, deformation and contact simulation.
Cloud platform Cloud platform to support end-to-end process driving automated simulation, presented to all stakeholders through clear dashboards.
Compliance Generate code checks based on relevant standards (e.g. Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL, ABS).
Condition based maintenance Akselos can calculate structural integrity based the real loads and real condition of an Asset which facilitated the optimisation of operations.
Digitisation Akselos can be integrated with sensors to help interpret anomalous readings and predict structural problems before they occur.
Machine learning Akselos can produce rich data sets of physics based data to fill gaps in operational data and enhance the predictive capabilities of digital twins based on big data analytics.
Speed RB-FEA Solver 1000x faster than conventional structural simulation methods.

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About Akselos

Founded as an MIT spin off, Akselos is a software company headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia.

The company provides Digital Twin technology for mission-critical assets such as FPSO’s, producing oil and gas platforms and wind turbines, revolutionizing  how operators design and manage their critical infrastructure. Indeed, Akselos’ Digital Guardian creates a fully detailed replica of complex large-scale assets right down to the smallest detail, enabling live condition-based monitoring and optimized operation and maintenance.

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