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Smart Helmet

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The Industrial IoT solution for safe and streamlined work processes

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March 14 2023

Where are your employees located? Is there danger? And do they adhere to the safety regulations? These questions are asked on a daily basis in sectors such as construction and industry. Gemba's smart IIoT helmet offers the answer!

With the smart helmet from Gemba IoT you know exactly what is happening. Anytime, in real time. Together with your asset management system, this intelligent safety helmet offers many more options. The Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT solution helps your company to work safer, more efficiently and better.


Increases safety for your employees and visitors
Always compliant with safety regulations
Real live data allows you to improve working process efficiency
In case of emergency, you can immediately direct your employees to safety
No plug & play option, connecting to your systems is tailor made


Connectivity The sensors in the helmet communicates wirelessly with your systems. Integration with your asset management system is an option.
Safety Additional modules can be integrated to detect hazardous substances, such as gasses, or rising temperatures in a certain location.
Areas of application The helmet is ideal for construction companies, petrochemical or food industries. Not only for employees but also for site visitors.
Integration The helmet is ideal for construction companies, petrochemical or food industries. Not only for employees but also for site visitors.
Installation On site installation, tailor made to your specific needs | Ready to use | Dashboards included.

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About Gemba

Gemba is an organisation with extensive experience in the area of Asset & Service Management system implementation. Based on our no-nonsense philosophy, our consultants have a practical background combined with a high level of IT expertise. We are an AAA-accredited IBM business partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. We provide the complete portfolio of IBM-related asset, service management and analytics solutions. In addition we provide diverse mobile solutions, and services and training on all products.

Gemba Service B.V. has been delivering services in the Benelux Union and beyond since 1997. We have more than 25 consultants who focus exclusively on the implementation of IBM Asset & Service Management and Analytics solutions.

+31 20 482 2929
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