Digital Asset Condition Assessment

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Better, faster & safer inspection

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April 11 2024

Software tools which help to detect asset deficiencies and degradation allowing for quantitative insight to improve asset life cycle planning, Return of Investment and reduce environmental risks.

Falcker uses drones, robotics and cameras for:

  • 3D visualisation
  • Deep learning with Artificial Intelligence
  • Multispectral view of the asset or terrain
Pros & Limitations
Reduced inspection costs
More accurate inspection results
Safe - Unmanned entrance in area
In service assets
RBI solution
Auto detection
Weather dependency
Specification Title Specification Description
Visual inspection with latest inspection drones and software tools.
Determine asset deficiencies and degradation.
Areas of Application
Oil and gas industry.
Certifications / licences
VCA-VOL certificated personel, Flight crew certification for pilots.
According EEMUA 159.
Data Analysis
Processing raw data into usefull information according cyber security assessment.
Software provides in planning maintenance operation.
Automatic / Autonomous flights.
Safe operating
Risk (specific) analyses, work permits, LMRA, flight plans and drone redundant specifications.


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Falcker is a high tech company, with roots in the port of Rotterdam. They develop smart business applications and help their customers in the petro-chemical industry to implement new inspection methods. Storage tank terminals and refineries, like other commercial companies, are looking for cost control and reduction, without endangering the integrity of their assets.

By integrating high tech equipment and -applications with regular inspection methods, Falcker provides maximum insight into the status and behaviour of the clients' assets in a cost efficient manner.

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