Remotely controlled aquatic drones

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Your smart pair of eyes on the water!

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April 11 2024

AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our aquatic drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the needed information for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation or insurance. 

The aquatic drones are remotely controlled and sail around and underneath infrastructure to capture visual object information. As a multi-sensor platform, the aquatic drone can be equipped with various types of sensors and imaging systems to provide our clients with the right information to solve their challenges. Our multipurpose platform offers among other optical, infrared and depth measurement. The data captured can be processed into a 3D model. Via the 3D model detailed information can be accessed more easily for inspection purposes.

Pros & Limitations
Minimize down-time
Inspections more swiftly and cost effective
Easy accessibility to difficult and dangerous to reach places -eliminating the need to send people to work in dangerous environments
Inspection with more detail (3D data modelling and tracking changes over time)
Not to be used offshore and/or in strong current
Specification Title Specification Description
Visual inspection: Photos 10 - 25 Mega pixels. 3D modelling GEO referenced accuracy between 5 - 20 mm. Point cloud accuracy between 1 - 2 cm.
Areas of Application
Water assets (above water line).
ATEX certified
Inspection and modelling of water assets | Optical, infrared and depth measurement
Certifications / licences
Operating conditions
Operational stop might be necessary | No shipping traffic in vicinity
Data sets and 3D models - can be combined with geo-information and made available for GIS applications.
Task Risk Analysis | Hot work permit
No: operation with one drone and a reserve one.


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AquaSmartXL offers technology and data driven inspections and surveying services that are economically smart and makes harbours and waters worldwide safer, cleaner and more efficient.

AquaSmartXL is an award-winning start up that won several innovation prices. The company was supported in its growth by the PortXL accelerator programme.

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