Personal Safety Monitoring System

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Monitoring worker safety in real-time

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April 11 2024

The Personal Safety Monitoring System has been designed to:

  • monitor in real time a worker and their environment 
  • from one handheld personal safety monitoring device
  • feed live data analytics directly to the control room and
  • alert on potentially dangerous situations before they become an incident
  • therefore, allow proactive decision making
  • suit business needs and compliance standards thanks to customisable features & multi-language settings

The Australia, Europe & the US Patented Technology monitors:  

  • Air quality / gas sensing - LEL, O2, H2S, & CO
  • Location sensing anywhere - indoor, outdoor and underground
  • Slips, trips and falls / man down events
  • Ambient air temperature (heat stress)
  • Ambient noise level
  • Speed over ground
  • Biometric condition allowing fitness for tasks monitoring 
  • Additional BLE paired site-specific sensors, e.g.: hydrogen
  • The device also has real time communication through voice calls & text messaging

Real-Time Data Streaming & Analytics:

  • Data is recorded live and sent back to the control room via our Universal Data Interface (UDI) smart alert & navigation system
  • Data is sent via the client's server, or cloud, and viewed in real time through the easy-to-read control room interface
  • The interface can be viewed from multiple locations in the world, giving local and remote oversight of all workers' safety


Pros & Limitations
Real-time data streaming and analytics
Live communication through voice calls (Cellular) and Push-to-Talk (Mesh)
Instant messaging for communicating to multiple devices simultaneously from a single operator
Easy data visualisation through historical trends & heat mapping to allow proactive decision making
Multiple gas detection: CO, O2, H2S, LEL
Location sensing: find a worker's location indoor, outdoor & underground
Slips, trips & falls: recognise falls from heights & man down events
Biometric monitoring: heart-rate, core temperature, respiratory rate, fatigue, blood oxygen monitors and panic button
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy sensor pairing of up to 6 devices
Permissioned data access to maintain top security whilst not breaching confidentiality
Additional features and functions increase size and weight in comparison to gas detectors
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Oil & Gas | Mining & Steel | Construction | Utilities | Transport & Logistics | Industrial Marine | Defence
Real-Time Monitoring, Analytics & Communication | Gas Detection | Location-Sensing | Slips, Trips & Falls | Biometric Monitoring (Heart Rate/Body Temperature)
Certifications / licences
ExVeritas 17ATEX0295 X | IIECEx EXV 17.0025 X | T4
Cellular Connectivity GSM/GPRS Nano SIM | Mesh Network (2.4Ghz) | Bluetooth V4 BLE Up to 100m | GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS
H151mm x W85mm x D41mm
Gas measurements of CO, O2, H2S, LEL | Sensor Type Electrochemical toxic gas sensor or Galvanic Oxygen sensor
Operating Time: 8-12 hours (715) | 12-20 hours (825)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60


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Universal Site Monitoring (USM) design and develop Australian made advanced connected worker safety monitoring solutions: a world first integrated system of wearable personal safety monitoring devices, communications hubs, reporting and management software, plus ancillary products, providing essential safety data accessible from anywhere at any time.

The company is dedicated to creating a safer work environment for people all around the globe. With a team of experts based in Australia, USM is perfectly situated to service resources, oil and gas, and industrial sectors, domestically and in the global market.

The company's devices can be individually custom configured to suit every operation, assisting a business' most important assets can return home safely every day.

USM’s patented technology won the National Energy Resources Australia award in the Australian Technologies Competition in 2018. In April 2020, in response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, USM teams developed an Early Warning System by adapting their General Asset Monitor smartphone / tablet app and Personal Safety Monitor technology - earning the company one of the 10 funding grants of the NERA Innovation Challenge for COVID-19.

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