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A COVID-19 "Community Safety Alert" App

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August 4 2023

iSOL8-r is a proximity alarm system for the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the Radius app from the award winning iSOL8 suite of industrial safety systems. iSOL8-r tells users - and potentially authorities - when devices approach or cross critical lines, such as the boundary of a COVID-19 hotspot.

iSOL8-r is currently implemented as an Android app. We have a product roadmap that includes the development of an iOS version for Apple devices.


Does not track or report on the location of the mobile phone inside or outside the “Locked Down” zone
Zones might be circles drawn around an origin or polygons of regular and irregular shapes
Sets up COVID-19 safe zones for aged care, hospitals, quarantine accomodation
Alerts authorities if a person enters or departs a locked down zone
Users have the option to set a personal radius around any location, the user will receive a continous alarm and red graphics if they leave the area
No suitable for IOS yet.


Accuracy Accurate to within 20 metres of mobile phone location.
Administration Time Instantaneous alert sent to the authorities and business on breach of Locked Down boundary.
Applicability Applies to COVID-19 quarantine and locked down zone | Can be applied to business where Hazardous Zones are breached or people have forgotten to remove their isolation lock.
CAPEX Very low subscription cost – no requirement for capital expenditure.
Compliance Addresses privacy issues – does not track inside or outside locked down zones or take records.
Hands free operating Alerts consist of visual and sound alarms on mobile phone screens.
Messaging Alert messages sent by SMS to nominated phone numbers.
Patents Provisonal patent application in Australia.
Required hardware Android and IOS mobile phones.
Response time Real time response for warnings and alerts to phone holders and authorities.

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iSOL8 provides OHS Risk Management , “Lock Out Tag Out” and Permit to Work Services to Mining, Mineral Processing , Infrastructure and Agricultural enterprisesWe are currently deploying the iSOL8 system into a $1.2 billion infrastructure facility in Western Australia.

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