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LOBO Advanced Work Platform System

Fast, safe and easy to assemble modular scaffolding system

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:58

The LOBO System is a safe alternative to scaffolding, a versatile work platform that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This provides an alternative to scaffolding which is used in facility maintenance applications.

LOBO can be reconfigured and adjusted, without the need for tools, into any shape or size, it is easy to use and fast to assemble. Applications include confined spaces, escalators and plant rooms. Assembled by anyone, legs and components can be flat packed and transported for storage and utilization elsewhere.

Your own maintenance crew can be upskilled to assemble the LOBO System quickly, easily and safely around, under or above desks, machinery and conveyors. Scaffolding labour costs can be reduced without comprising safety. Areas considered difficult to get to can now be accessed for maintenance and cleaning. Full certified training is available, complete with regular refresher courses.

The LOBO System is available 7 days a week and puts you back in control of your maintenance tasks.

Case Study Lobo System 


No tools assembly
10 times faster than scaffolding
Configures to any size or shape
Reduces cost
Increases safety
Flat packs for transportation
Steel modular components
Confined space access
Creates rigid structure
Full training given
Needs to be assembled on solid surface


Areas of Application Oil refineries, process plants and power plants.
Capabilities Maintenance in all areas | Confined space access
Certifications / licences EU: BS EN1004:2004 BS 1139 parts 3 & 4, | USA: OSHA Compliant, ANSI A10.8, 29 CFR Part 1920 (General Industry) | Canada: CAN/CSA Z797-09 | Australia: AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 and | AS/NZS 1576.3:2015 Tower
Coatings Zinc electroplate finish.
Compliance CE Mark OSHA Compliance.
Documentation LOBO product catalogue.
Material Steel
Services Certified training available online and on site.
Storage Towerstore units for security audit and transportation.

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About LOBO Systems

The LOBO System increases safety and reduces cost with its unique, no tools to assemble, work platform system. The system is a unique access platform and has been successfully sold to some of the largest companies in the world, for example Valero Energy, Shell and Amoco. It is up to 10 times faster than scaffolding. Certified training is provided, and an on-going refresher training program is actively monitored and promoted to ensure LOBO users work as safely as possible.

For an onsite or online product demonstration, send us a message through the form below.

North America 800-640-5492

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