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APM Studio

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Predictive Maintenance Software running on real-time data and analytics

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May 22 2023

UReason APM Studio improves your asset management, processes and maintenance by digitising your maintenance operations. Our APM software provides a variety of AI techniques and tools that help you to quickly set-up and train APM solutions. These solutions allow you to provide Condition Based Monitoring, Predictive Failure Models and Probabilistic Risk Models for your important assets.


Reduced asset downtime
Reduction of maintenance costs
Increased production
Multi-level deployment - embedded, edge, cloud
Multi-source connectivity
Combining real-time data and analysis simultaneously
Smart objects libraries
No coding required
Automated workflow and actions
Implementation that requires company-wide commitment on all levels


Areas of Application Predictive Maintenance can be applied anywhere where uptime for critical assets/processes is essential. Asset Owners, Origincal Equipement Manufacturers and Maintenance Repair Operation companies all will have substantial benefits from PdM.
Asset life extension Predictive Maintenance helps to plan maintenance before asset failures, increasing the overall life-cycle of the asset.
Asset Management Predictive Maintenance allows to manage the overall efficiency and life-cycle of the process critical assets.
Business Efficiency Predictive Maintenance allows organizations to reduce operational costs, optimize their processes, improve operational readiness, reduce risk and improve the strategic positioning.
Condition based maintenance Condition Based Maintenance allows to have real-time overview of the health of the assets, improving maintenance efficiency.
Deployment UReason’s APM Studio can be deployed embedded, on edge or running on cloud.
Digitisation Implementing Predictive Maintenance solutions enables companies to move towards digital journey of smart maintenance.
Maintenance Predictive Maintenance predicts the remaining useful life-cycle of the asset, which enables to plan maintenance activities accordingly when they are actually needed.
Return on Investment Predictive Maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, maintenance costs, production stops, stock of spare parts, which results on positive ROI in the long run.
Safety Predictive Maintenance helps to predict asset failures before they happen, resulting in increasead safety for the workers through prevention of accidents due to asset failures.

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About UReason

UReason is a provider of next-generation Asset Performance Management solution. Our mission is to help industry companies benefit from the Promise of Industry 4.0: lower costs, lower risks and improved asset performance by the intelligent use of data. UReason’s 19 years of industry knowledge translates into improved analytical and model development capabilities supporting Condition Based, Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance along with construction of Digital Twins. UReason puts you back in the driver’s seat on your digital journey to smart maintenance.

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