Double Block & Bleed Saver

Safe working behind leaking valves by installing a vacuum lock

The working principle of the DBB-SAVER is based on active evacuation of the bleed volume, thereby creating a vacuum lock between two sealing surfaces preventing leakage towards the safe work area.

The DBB Saver can be deployed on systems containing hazardous media such as: 

  • Gasses, e.g. flammable and/or toxic, like natural gas, H2S, hydrogen, etc.
  • Liquids becoming gaseous under atmospheric conditions, e.g. LNG, LPG, etc.
  • Regular liquids like crude oil, naphta, etc.

The bleed volume can either be the section between:

  1. Both block valves in a classical DB&B configuration, or
  2. Both seats in the body of a single valve, e.g. most ball, plug or gate valves, or
  3. Any other combination of two valves in series, e.g. a block valve and (under conditions) a control valve without traditional isolation credits

The vacuum creates a negative pressure difference towards the safe work area and reverses the flow direction over the second barrier. The guaranteed continuous presence of the vacuum in the bleed section makes leakage to the safe working area physically impossible.

Case Study ValveTight 


Maximum safety for workers
Maximizing plant availability - no risk of delays due to leaking valves
No greasing, no risk on sudden gas blow-through
No sealant necessary, the valve stays fit for purpose afterwards
No dependency on last line of defense PPE
Significant cost reduction
Heavy leaking valves might be left unrepaired


Areas of Application Gasses | Liquified Gasses | Liquids | On- & Offshore
ATEX certified ATEX II 2G Ex h IIB+H2 T4 Gb certification available (zone 1 environment)
Capabilities Fully automated design | Fail safe functionality | Local visual and audible alarm | Remote wireless online alarm functionality
Capacity Capacity rated to customers request
Certifications / licences PED | EMC | CE
Compliance International guidelines on request: eg. IECEx
Input Compressed air or nitrogen
Pipe diameter No limit
Power Both 110V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz
Pressure class No limit
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Maturity Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Valvetight

Founded in 2014, Valvetight offers an unique solution to a widespread problem of passing valves. Instead of repairing valves or greasing them, Valvetight supplies a tool that creates a vacuum lock preventing a flow of medium to the safe working area. Valvetight offers the full range of services from tool-only to full operational support.  

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