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Dust-free abrasive blasting (ATEX)

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August 4 2023

ATEX certified dust-free blasting equipmentA range of front-end tools to suit different geometries (such as pipes, corners, edges and flat surfaces), together with powerful vacuum blast units that re-use grit, make the Pinovo systems virtually dust-free. Suitable for spot repairs and pipes.

Our tools include:

  • PiConnect (all-round tool)
  • Pico Pipe (clamp-on pipe tool)
  • PiHab (mini habitat for dust-free open blasting)
  • PiBox (for flat surfaces such as walls/roofs)


Ideal for spot repairs and pipes
Up to 60% cost reduction
Dust-free: no clean-up, and reduced sheeting
HSE friendly – typically 75% reduced waste
No damage to surrounding equipment
Not suited for full blasting large areas


Areas of Application Spot repairs and pipes (on- and offshore).
ATEX certified ATEX certified (zone 1).
Blasting media Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide (Acc. to ISO 11126-7; Mohs hardness ≥9.0). Grit size F 16 and smaller. Recycled blast media.
Capabilities Surface preparation up to Sa3 / 110 microns. A wide range of tools and adapters enables blasting of most geometries.
Certifications / licences Achilles certificate. In accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
Pipe diameter Any diameter.
Power Fully pneumatic system. Air requirements (dry air): 8 bar, 8 m3/min.
Speed Up to 5 m2/h. Typically 2 m2/h.

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Pinovo produces technology for the treatment of industrial surfaces. Our closed-loop grit blasting technology provides a dust-free, ATEX certified method with superior surface quality. HQ: Bergen, Norway. Subsidiary in Aberdeen, UK. Distributors around the world.

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