Aerial Inspection & Survey Services

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Inspection and survey services carried out by drone

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August 4 2023

Cyberhawk uses drones, also know as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, to capture visual inspection data that allows the end user to make informed decisions on the condition of their asset.

A highly skilled pilot and industry qualified inspection engineer are present on every deployment to ensure that the correct data is captured, allowing detailed inspection reports to be produced.

Cyberhawk also uses iHawk, its visual asset management software, to support asset integrity using digitised inspection reports and to support construction and decommissioning project progress.

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Inspect difficult to reach locations
Save time and money
Reduce health and safety risks
A complete visual record of the asset
Not suitable for repair, maintenance or NDT


Certifications / licences CAA qualified | ASME or CSWIP qualified inspection engineers | Audited by multiple certification bodies and oil and gas supermajors


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Founded in 2008, Cyberhawk Innovations is the world leader in drone inspection and survey and the conversion of drone data into powerful management information.  An industry pioneer, we have completed more than 30 world firsts since our inception.  With headquarters in Scotland and offices in Houston, Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur, we operate worldwide in more than 30 countries. Cyberhawk works with an extensive list of clients including all six oil and gas supermajors, independent operators, global service companies and a number of national oil companies.

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