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September 20 2023

Terra Inspectioneering executes ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements using drones. With the Terra UT drone it is possible to execute certified steel thickness measurements at hard to reach places at height, such as storage tank walls, roofs and rafters or boiler tubes.

The UT drone is Terra's proprietary development and is based on patented technology that enables the drone to firmly and precisely clean the spot to be measured and press the UT probe against the surface. The drone has been specially developed for indoor use in industrial confined spaces and can be controlled in the presence of steel and concrete.



Reduced HSE risk by mitigating work at height and confined space entry
Eliminates scaffolding and rope access costs
Fast deployment, automatic UT data cloud storage
Reduced downtime of assets
Cleaning brush for optimal surface preparation
Detailed monitoring of UT A-Graph live on screen
Support for tank shell, roof, floor and rafters
If surface is too heavily corroded, UT measurements are not possible


Accuracy Visual inspection: details until 0,1mm are distinguishable. UT measurements: 0,1 mm accuracy.
Areas of Application Storage tanks (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium). All other steel equipment that need thickness measurements.
ATEX certified The UT drone can be equipped with certified LEL meter for Atex zone 1 application.
Capabilities Integrated couplant (gel) dispenser for optimal contact between UT probe and surface. Integrated surface cleaning brush. Calibrated UT measurement device with certified calibration report.
Certifications / licences EEMUA159, API653, Level II NDT engineers, Calibration report of UT sensor available, VCA*, Terra UT Drone operator certificate.
Compliance Inspection and reporting in oil and gas industry compliant with EEMUA159, API653, API510 codes or equivalent.
In-service inspection possible Yes, from outside.
Output Raw UT Data is stored in cloud for optimal traceability of data. Deliverable is certified UT report.
Redundancy Redundant ground station, flight controller and battery.
Speed Max. 300 UT measurements per day.

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Terra Inspectioneering started as RoNik Inspectioneering at May 13th, 2016. Since then, Terra Inspectioneering is known for their inspections using aerial robots, also known as drones. 

Our specialty is the non-entry inspection of industrial, hazardous and enclosed spaces, such as storage tanks, chimneys, boilers, furnaces, pipelines, etc. Our focus is on ultrasonic thickness measurements, visual inspections and thermal inspections.Terra Inspectioneering delivers certified inspection reports conformant to standards like API-653 and EEMUA-159.

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