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Quasset Test Facility

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Unique testing facility to accelerate progress of robotics for inspection and maintenance

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Friday, February 11, 2022 - 12:40

Conveniently located in the vicinity of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Quasset Test Facility (QTF) opened its doors in 2017 to facilitate the development of robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance activities. Robotic and sensor technology are continuously evolving, creating a need for agile testing and timely validation, which informs industry of the readiness and potential application of the technology. Quasset caters for this need by providing independent 3rd party assessment of technology in a highly flexible and relevant testing environment. 

The facility houses a range of decommissioned assets which serve to test swimming, flying and crawling robotic systems in a controlled environment. In conjunction with their consultancy services, Quasset provides valuable insights and can design specialised tests which tie in to the relevant business drivers, hereby promoting cutting-edge innovation and supporting the process from concepts to solutions.

Quasset is uniquely positioned to provide tailored testing for many robotic and inspection systems, either developed by start-ups or offered by full service providers.


Facilitation of testing and validation of new developed robotic solutions
Independent 3rd party technology assessment and consulting
Highly flexible and controlled environment
Bridge between lab environments and real-world applications
Work in consultation with QTF’s specialist robotic application staff
Test workflows and operational processes
Operator qualifications
No live assets available to test on


Areas of Application Experimentation and validation of robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance activities.
Assets Decommissioned pressure vessel | Tank floor plates | Piping and elbows | Large water basin
Capabilities Submerged testing in a basin | Lifting and Handling solutions
Capacity 600 m2 of flexible space.
Environment Controlled testing environment.
Safety Safe and controlled testing before deployment.
Services Independent 3rd party technology assessment and consulting | Robotic testing and validation | Operator qualifications | Designing tests | Testing workflows and operational processes | Safe storage of testing equipment
Suitability Suitable space for for swimming, crawling and flying robotic systems | Lifting and handling solutions

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About Quasset

Building networks, Driving innovation  

Since its inception, Quasset has pushed the boundaries of asset integrity management, thinking beyond the status quo. With the transition to renewable energy, we provide companies with new approaches to digital technology, using innovation as an instrument to help businesses create value. We architect and implement suitable innovative technologies for improved inspection monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization, delivering what is needed for safe, cost-efficient and reliable processes.  
We are a multidisciplinary, international team of highly experienced consultants, engineers, and software developers located in four offices around the globe. Our expertise covers multiple sectors including energy, infrastructure, and water; our hands-on practical experience is what delivers solutions that work. 

+31 (0)35 820 02 88
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