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All-in-one AR solution

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October 10 2023

Kiber 3 Kit is a wearable, head mounted device with HD camera and binocular visor that communicates through a powerful web-based platform.

Kiber 3 Field is the integrated user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android. Kiber is designed to support remote workforce in day-to-day activities and emergency situations in the Industrial Manufacturing and Field Service sectors.


Increase productivity and quality output
Reduce travel cost and human error
Improve safety, work and training routines
All-in-one solution
Fully integrated headset
One size available


Areas of Application Inspection, maintenance, emergency, training, assistance, installation and more.
Connectivity Wi-Fi, hotspot, satellite or stand-alone mode.
Collaboration Remote screen and file sharing | HD multiple video conferencing | HD multiple visualization
Capabilities Binocular HD Display | Hands free system
Imaging Binocular visor, wide angle HD camera, thermal camera and HD handcam.
Runtime 8 hour battery
Storage 4GB storage
Safety Firewall friendly | Cyber safe

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