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Predictive maintenance 4.0 with a wireless condition monitoring system

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April 11 2024

The Wi-care™ solution is a real plug & play wireless monitoring solution. It allows automated tracking of critical equipment, from continuous monitoring to once-a-week intervals, collecting reliable vibration data, with sampling of up to 16,000 lines of resolution. The sensors can be deployed and configured in less than an hour, permanently on specified equipment, or used for spot checks in a safer manner during programmed inspection routines. Extended broadcast and automatic network capabilities guarantee data transmission reliability and sustainability to maximize your asset up-time.

Pros & Limitations
Maximize uptime
Plug and play solution
Installed within minutes
No cables, no hassle. Full wireless
Sensore life up to 5 years and more
Data visualization in I-see™ predictive maintenance and reliability platform
Real time alerts/notifications
Simply add other types of process measurements
OPEX/As a service model
Cloud based
Most likely speeds up maintenance 4.0 implementation
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Predictive maintenance | Non-destructive testing
ATEX certified
ATEX/IECEX certified : EX ia IIC T3 Ga/Class 1 Div 1 compliant
Vibration analysis | Lubrication analysis | Ultrasound | Temperature | Remote analysis
Certifications / licences
CE | FCC | ATEX | IECEX | KCs (South Korea) | Class 1 Div 1 (USA)
True Wireless 100 meters in open air without range extender | 800 meters in open air with range extender
Time Waveform
512 to 32.000 points FFT resolution 800 to 16.000 lines


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Founded in 2004, I-care Reliability Group is today the global leader in Maintenance 4.0 and Reliability Engineering. With its headquarter in Belgium and a direct presence in more than 15 countries worldwide, I-care Reliability Group has a team of 400+ engineers who can service customers anywhere in the world. I-care offers a wide range of high added value solutions, training and services to predict, advise and accompany its industrial customers in optimised maintenance plans and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns.  

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