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ZymeFlow Chemical Decon

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Worldwide leader in the decontamination of hydrocarbon process equipment

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:37

ZymeFlow® Decon Technology offers unique decontamination solutions for process equipment on active platforms and FPSO vessels. As the offshore market continues to change, industry cleaning standards have become outdated and expensive. The ZymeFlow Process is superior to nitrogen purging and traditional chemical cleaning in that it has a very small equipment and personnel footprint, uses Cefas approved chemistry, and shortens the process time drastically. Depending on the vessel, ZymeFlow Decon uses both Boil-Out and Vapour-Phase® application methods to de-oil and eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S), benzene, and other combustible gases (LEL).


Reduced personnel required to fulfil this service versus conventional methods
Reduced equipment required to fulfil this service versus concentional methods
Reduced timescale to decontaminate a vessel 12 hours versus several days
Avoids repeat entry / purges per vessel
Improves certainty of a client shutdown schedule
Minimises the amount of manual cleaning required on entry
Most suited to vessels with known likely volumes of sand and contaminate issues
Will require the use of a portable steam boiler if asset or site doesnt have supply built in


Non-Man Entry The process removes gases and light end hydrocarbons from the vessel without the need of CSE.
Requirements Minimal equipment requirements. | Primary plant needs only steam that can either be provided from asset supply or from ATEX certified boilers.
Implementation Time Set up time 12-18 hours due to minimal equipment spread.
Safety CEFAS registered, gold banded chemicals used for the process. | Minimal intervention required during the actual decontamination process.
Speed Fixed timeline of 8-12 hours to fully decontaminate vessels and other process equipment versus often unknown purging timescales.

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About Denholm MacNamee

Denholm MacNamee Ltd are a leading Decontamination, Water Jetting and Waste Management Specialist with a 30 year track record in Fixed and Floating Production, Refining and Petrochemical Shutdown Services. Part of the broader Denholm Energy Services Group and still family owned, our network of companies allows us to offer our broad service lines in both the UK and afar. We own the largest fleet of Zone Rated, Atex approved HP / UHP Jetting units and accessories and completed projects on 36 platforms, 27 FPSOS and 22 Refineries.

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