Reversed Engineering of Relief Valves

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Taking process safety to the next level

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November 28 2023

Data, and therefore information, changes in time and context. Operating conditions, material properties and contaminants, equipment characteristics, and processing sequences all impact the validity of data for a specific use.

Of the hundreds or thousands relief valves used in process installations, the design criteria are sometimes unknown and more often, we don’t know if the original design specifications can still be used to comply with current laws and legislation, safety standards, etc.

Re-design and re-engineering of the relief valves significantly enhances the process safety!


Reversed engineering by safety and engineering experts (2 companies)
Fast, minimum lead time
Flexible, up/down scaling of teams for projects of every size
Flexible, asset owner decides which installation first
Access to a lot of data necessary


Areas of Application Relief Valves | Rupture disks | Explosion Panels Gas, Liquid and 2-phase flow Dust explosion venting
Capabilities Vent sizing
Certifications / licences Calculations done per international standards such as Diers.
Compliance Required by European pressure equipment directive.
Documentation Define governing case for all relief systems.
Measurement DEKRA laboratories are capable of measuring the required chemical | Explosion properties


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Iv-Industrie is a Dutch, global operating engineering company with a passion for technology.

Collaborating with DEKRA, one of the world's largest expertise organizations in the field of testing, inspection and certification.


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