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Surface treatment using pure light

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February 22 2024

Netalux is specialised in laser cleaning, offering services, products and trainings in this technology. With laser cleaning, you can clean and treat surfaces using pure light. The technology can remove a wide variety of contaminants such as coatings, grease, and production residue from a range of substrates (stainless steel, copper, superalloys, aluminum, etc.). Most importantly, toxic contaminants can be removed in a safe way, because we developed a methodology to immediately capture the released particles.

Laser cleaning can be used for the following applications (this list is non-exhaustive):
- The cleaning of welds for non-destructive testing
- The cleaning of moulds
- The removal of a light layer of rust
- The removal of toxic contaminants
- Surface preparation for (re)coating or other sequential treatments
- The cleaning of tanks or vessels
- The cleaning of various production machines
- The cleaning of turbine parts
- ...

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2020

Pros & Limitations
No secondary waste
No damage to the substrate
No air movements
No confinement needed
Safe technique for decontamination and removal of toxic contaminants
Minimal logistic preparations and quick setup, lowering the total cost of ownership of the project
Human and environmentally friendly technology
Speed varies depending on the contaminant and the thickness of the layer
Removal of heavy corrosion is difficult
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Laser cleaning can be used in a variety of sectors for a wide range of applications. Netalux has e.g. executed works for the (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, advanced composites, automotive, aeronautic and infrastructure sectors.
Capable of removing hazardous contaminants safely, proven with several measurements in the field (Cr-VI, Pb, Asbestos, ...).
Certifications / licences
Netalux is VCA** certified, as well as ISO 9001 certified.
Laser cleaning can be a very fast technology. Moreover, because there is no secondary waste being created, the total cost of ownership will be reduced, and the efficiency of the cleaning project will increase.
Easy setup, usually no need for scaffolding. We designed our machines in such a way that we can work under all circumstances and in challenging environments (great heights, dangerous environments, hard to reach places, ...).


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Netalux is your reliable partner in laser cleaning, integrating laser cleaning services, products and trainings to help you with the best possible solution. Originally established as a service providing company in 2017, we have specialized in laser cleaning, and have put our in-the-field expertise and knowledge about the technology into the development of our own laser cleaning machines. In our Netalux Academy, we share practical tips on the safe usage of laser cleaning technology, helping you to implement the technology in an efficient way.

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