Fouling Removal Robot

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Safe, rapid deployment and +90% clean as standard

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April 11 2024

The first of its kind in the industry, our robot can record videos and images of blockages, concerns and the cleaning taking place whilst automatically adjusting to tubes.

The robot can be programmed with information supplied by the customer, creating a visual representation of the bundle. The best cleaning process is then selected, which can be pre-programmed into the robot.

The robot can bring assets back to original design thermal efficiency regardless of the level of fouling, dramatically reducing CO2 emissions. 

Pros & Limitations
More than 90% clean as standard
Reduced downtime
Maintain asset integrity
Unrivalled cleaning results regardless of level or type of fouling
Reduced CO2 emissions
No man entry, ensuring optimum safety
Real-time inspection and verification
Brings assets back to original design thermal efficiency
Can be more expensive than traditional methods
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Fired heater bundle convection bank | Heat exchanger cleaning | Petrochemical plants | Refining assets
The system is capable of fitting different size assets and will not need to be rebuilt for each asset.
Certifications / licences
Patented design.
The robot is built for low voltage areas and can be approved for use through standard site Permit system.
Hands free operating
The robot is able to remotely access process plant assets.
Implementation time
The robotic technology drastically reduces set-up time and often requires less operators to complete the job.
Non man entry
The system is a robotic rover that allows for non man entry into the furnace areas.
Return on Investment
Return of investment is significant. CO2 emissions are reduced and productivity is restored to a greater extent than using traditional cleaning methods.


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For more than 30 years Tube Tech has understood the impact of unforeseen or prolonged shutdowns simply because traditional cleaning methods do not remove tenacious fouling from inaccessible heat transfer and process assets.

With sites in Europe and the U.S., Tube Tech delivers a specialist ‘engineered’ service using innovative technology that solves this costly dilemma with minimum downtime, resulting in unprecedented energy savings, process efficiency and reduced emissions culminating in a rapid return on investment and greater profits.

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