SRJ BoltEx® Flange Clamp

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Safe bolt replacement under pressure (hot bolting clamp)

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April 11 2024

Compact, robust, and quick to install – SRJ BoltEx® is a flange reinforcement clamp that enables online bolt replacement (hot bolting) on a vast range of flanges. 

By design, SRJ BoltEx® ensures no risk of damage to the flange gasket, enabling the loads to be gradually transferred during the bolt replacement process and until the new flange fasteners are fully torqued.

Typical applications include a focused pre-shutdown hot bolting campaign, longer-term bolt replacement scopes, and flange reinforcement (where SRJ BoltEx® is left installed on a flange, securing its integrity over a longer period of time)

By renewing and ensuring the integrity of the flanges, SRJ BoltEx® provides a longer asset lifetime and reduced operational risks.

Pros & Limitations
Extends safe lifetime of the flange and asset
SRJ BoltEx® prevents any disturbance to the flange gasket, delivering gradual load transfer with each bolt replacement
Reduces risk of fugitive emissions from the loss of containment
Enables delayed maintenance -- no need to shut down the facility for installation
Innovative design enables fast and safe application (no need for time-consuming UTM, or hydraulic tools to operate)
Non-standard or space restricted flange arrangements may require bespoke design
Specification Title Specification Description
Used for online bolt replacement, pre-shutdown hot bolting, or flange reinforcement where SRJ BoltEx® is left installed on a flange as a preventative measure on defected flanges where bolts are impossible to replace.
Areas of Application
Oil and Gas | Chemical | Refining | Desalination | Mining | Utilities | Shipping | Power Generation
Corroded bolts replaced immediately in accordance with ASME PCC-2 (Hot Bolting).
Significantly reduces costs by eliminating the need for plant shutdown.
1-2 man team can quickly and safely install SRJ BoltEx® clamp on a flange and replace the old bolts with new.
Designed in accordance with ASME B16.5 to suit any standard flanges in almost any size, service, and pressure rating.
Gasket Protection System (GPS) prevents gasket over-compression or release of sealing pressure - improved safety for the system and personnel | Can be left installed as a preventative measure on defected flanges where bolts are impossible to retrieve


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SRJ delivers weld-free pipe repair and replacement solutions, bespoke EPRS tools and specialised engineering services, helping asset owners and operators improve safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable proactive and cost-effective approach to Asset Integrity Management.

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