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SRJ Multi-Shell Repair Clamp (MSRC)

Pipe repair kit

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Monday, January 4, 2021 - 12:10

MSRC is designed to arrest leaks on the piping systems, enabling a quick and effective containment management solution. MSRC can be installed as a re-active as well as pro-active measure to prevent the loss of containment on piping in critical condition.


Available at short notice
Complete installation in under 10 minutes
Unique honeycomb design seal inside the multi-shell structure maximises the sealing properties of the MSRC
Reusable upon seal replacement - easy to remove and reinstall multiple times
Compact folding arrangement enables space-efficient storage and transportation
Not suitable for non straight piping


Application Emergency repairs - arresting leaks quickly and effectively | Proactive applications - preventing loss of containment on piping in critical condition
Areas of Application Oil and Gas | Desalination | Mining | Utilities | Shipping | Power Generation
Operating conditions Temperature Range: -20 °C to +205 °C.
Pressure class Capable of sealing leals at pressure of up to 50 bars.
Product Designed to arrest and prevent leaks on straight pipe sections.
Repairs Multi-Shell arrangement delivers enhanced clamping and sealing ability and accommodates pipe ovality.
Sealing Replaceable seal designed in a hex pattern for better performance.
Sizes 3" to 12" Nominal pipe size.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About SRJ Technologies

SRJ delivers weld-free pipe repair and replacement solutions, bespoke EPRS tools and specialised engineering services, helping asset owners and operators improve safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable proactive and cost-effective approach to Asset Integrity Management.

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