Slow & Easy Stimulation

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Sustainable well stimulation

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April 11 2024

The Slow & Easy (S&E) process is an alternative stimulation method for unconventional and shale resource development. It uses cyclic injection at lower rates and net pressures for development of complex formation yielding in low permeability, stiff reservoirs. The objective is to enhance and optimize the conductivity of the Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV).  S&E is ideal for re-fracturing and/or formation pre-conditioning (injectivity enhancement) for O&G well stimulation. This process significantly improves operational and economic efficiencies, while mitigating many environmental impacts.

Pros & Limitations
Significantly reduced stimulation and completion costs
Less field equipment/personnel mobilized to location (reduced traffic, equipment footprint, noise)
Reduced usage of proppant and chemicals during stimulation treatments
Optimised field development with increased well spacing
Reduced environmental impact: maintain well-bore integrity, small surface footprint, reduced risk of induced seismicity
Improved water management: no freshwater required
Produced/flow-back water can be used as the stimulation fluid, and reduced post-treatment flow-back water volumes
Integrates re-frac stimulation operations with water management
Asset protection: reduced risk and intensity of frac hits and well interference
The S&E stimulation process provides oil/gas operators with a vital upstream tool to operate in low oil/gas price markets
S&E treatment is more time-consuming (per well) than a conventional frac job
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Re-fracs | Initial stimulation | Shale plays | Unconventional Plays | Tight sand formations | Conglomeratic &Tuff reservoirs | Low permeability, stiff reservoirs | Thermal stimulation for Injectivity enhancement
Certifications / licences
Terralog’s systems for S&E design & implementation are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.
Significantly reduced well stimulation costs, and improved economic efficiencies. The S&E stimulation process is typically 50-60% cheaper than conventional hydraulic fracturing methods for unconventional reservoirs.
S&E can be applied at various depths, from 800 m to 5,000 m.
S&E provides significantly reduced environmental impact from field development and stimulation operations; and allows for optimised water management.
The S&E process allows for integration of stimulation operations with water management.
S&E field cases have shown oil production improvement of 150+%. The S&E stimulation process provides the convergence of environmental sustainability – new geo-stimulation technology development - production enhancement – field revitalization.
Highly versatile, customisable, and scalable to the specific field application.


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TTI’s services are built on extensive experience in environmental geomechanics, geology, fracture mechanics, project management, and field operations with projects worldwide.


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