Slurry Fracture Injection (SFI)

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Advanced deep well disposal process

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August 4 2023

The Slurry Fracture Injection (SFI) process is an environmentally sustainable technology used to place petroleum E&P waste, NORM, biosolids, and contaminated soils in the deep subsurface. SFI advanced deep well disposal is characterized by:

  • Lower injection rates & pressures
  • Continuous, cyclic injection operations
  • Development of complex geomechanics
  • Controlled development of a formation ‘waste pod’ in the near-wellbore area and out into the far-field formation
  • Robust Process Monitoring & Process Control systems
  • Cost-effective, Zero-Discharge, and permanent disposal process
  • Small environmental footprint


Protection of underground sources of drinking water
Elimination of run-off & contamination risks to surface and groundwater
Elimination of surface land use impairment
No induced seismicity
Elimination of long-distance waste material transportation risks and costs
Greatly reduces long-term liability to operator/generator
Safeguards human health by reducing and removing pollution from the biosphere
Contributes to an efficient and economical waste management strategy
Permanent Zero-Discharge waste disposal
SFI process is geology-dependent for large scale disposal operations


Areas of Application E&P wastes | Drilling wastes | Oilfield produced solids | Oily viscous fluids/sludge | Tank/pit bottoms | Contaminated soils | NORM/TENORM | Low-level radioactive material | Wastewater treatment sludge | Sulphur by-product | Industrial effluent/sludge
Certifications / licences Terralog’s systems for SFI design & implementation are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.
Depth Typical disposal depths: 350 – 2,500 m.
Environment SFI has a proven environmental record of Zero-Discharge waste disposal, with no impact on future land use.
Grain size SFI can effectively dispose of materials with grain sizes up to 5 mm. The slurry is made with the highest possible solid material concentration – from 10 to 25 percent by volume.
Safety Safeguards human health by reducing and removing pollution from the biosphere.
Volume Large waste volumes (up to 15,000 m3 per month).

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