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Leading specialists in remote sensing and geospatial mapping

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Using orthomosaic, infrared, LiDAR and other sensors, we can quickly capture and process data into maps and models to measure distance & volume, predict patterns, identify defects or monitor change. Our ability to capture high-resolution imagery from different angles creates millions of data points to produce the 2D orthomosaic and 3D models, allowing you to see more detail than ever before. Our team of GIS experts process all the data in-house to provide powerful and easy-to-understand insights to help you manage the performance of your project.

Scout Aerial’s Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are underwater drones that capture high quality visuals to cost-effectively assess the underwater environment with minimal disruption and improved safety. With deployment in 3 minutes, they get to work quickly and can access potentially hazardous, shallow or challenging areas to help show you what you can’t see from the surface.

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Pros & Limitations
Ability to cover large areas quickly and accurately
Safer to navigate challenging terrain or inaccessible areas
High resolution imagery and precise modelling
Produces powerful and actionable insights
Fully autonomous, rapid mobilisation for realtime analysis with minimal disruptions and low environmental impact
More cost-effective than using divers or draining the environment
Real-time analysis and early detection of issues
Requires a specialised operator
Specification Title Specification Description
+/- 30mm accuracy.
Areas of Application
Land use planning and development | Environmental compliance monitoring | Drainage / watershed analysis | Water & sewerage assessments | Volumetric calculations | Magnetic surveys for mineral exploration | Pipeline inspections | etc.
Aerial Mapping | Precision Agriculture | Mining Services | Infrastructure Inspections | Oil & Gas Services | Forestry Services | Environmental Assessments | Emergency Response | Media & Advertising | Virtual Reality | Managed GIS Services | R&D
Certifications / licences
CASA issued Remotely Piloted Aircaft Operator's Certificate (ReOC).
We can conduct 360-degree remote assessments with the ability to zoom in for granular examinations capable of detecting surface degradation, cracks or other flaws.
Up to 4 hours.


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Scout Aerial specialises in remote sensing with an industry reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

Our dynamic organisation consists of Scout Aerial Australia, Scout Aerial Africa and our manufacturing arm, Scout Aerial Systems. These entities have seen the development of many remote sensing capabilities culminate in safe & distinguished global operations.

Committed to performing safe aerial operations with minimal environmental impact, Scout Aerial provides valuable insights with reduced costs, risks and delivery times.  We partner with our clients to better understand their context and requirements to produce results that can be trusted and build relationships that last.

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