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Algorithms & Machine Learning

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Tailor made algorithms and machine learning capabilities in the inspection process

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:42

Because Cursor AM captures thousands of pictures, it creates a very valuable database. Every image is geotagged and stored in order to be used in future trend analysis. In regular inspection procedures, only the point of interests are being logged. Therefore it becomes impossible to back track significant events on a specific asset. Cursor AM enables the asset owners to easily access asset information of a specific area when no point of interest was flagged in previous inspections.


Easy selection of many pictures
Easy implementation of massive data in your inspection process
Algorithms don’t get tired
Trend analyses
Predictive Asset Management
Highly detailed inspections without putting employees in dangerous situations
Inspection method avoids ATEX zones
Robotising inspection
Not ATEX certified
Reliant on external imageing resolution


Areas of Application Corrosion detection: metals, alkali-silica reaction | Cracks: concrete, steel/aluminium, wood, paint/coating | Leakage: gas, liquids | Solar panels: defects | Wood rot
Certifications / licences In progress of certification ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, VCA.
Compatibility A variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as drones | Remote controlled boats, cars or sonar equipment
Input Images gathered from Unmanned Vehicles.
Output Corrosion detection | Crack detection | Leakage | Solar panels | Wood rot
Storage Images stored in database. Usefull in root cause analysis.

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About Cursor AM

Cursor Asset Management enables highly detailed inspections without putting employees in dangerous situations. We enable fully automated inspections by robotising the process. Cursor AM achieves this by implementing our tailor made algorithms and machine learning capabilities in the inspection processes of our customers.

We ensure a quickly available, reliable output that can safely be implemented in current inspection services.

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