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Internal Caisson Ultrasonic Inspection

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Internal remote UT inspection

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March 14 2023

Provides internal remote UT inspection that shows full wall thickness mapping of the complete caisson. This method removes the use of conventional UT using hand held probes, with technicians obtaining spot check readings only externally, or by the use of subsea ROV’s.

The internal caisson UT tool captures wall thickness readings both in dry sections and subsea to produce an overview that shows the full integrity of your caisson.


Reduced set-up times
40% time saving on UT results
Immediate high resolution UT scanning data
Immediate defect detection and reporting
Suitable for a wide range of internal caisson diameters
Only internal inspection of caisson can be carried out


Deployment Being electrical rather than hydraulic reduces the manual handling requirements, as well as negating the need for more umbilicals having to be deployed.
Flexibility The motorised probe arm enables modifications of the ID ranges, meaning the tool is capable of scanning whilst in-situ. This eliminates the requirement to recover the tool to make adjustments.
Operation Time The new tool can scan 500mm in axial length, reducing scanning time; as it covers twice the length of previous versions.
Range The probes have a 180° offset therefore only a 180° sweep is required to capture the full 360° of wall thickness data.
Efficiency Scan backwards, making it more efficient by negating the time taken to retract the axial per scan.

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With over 30 years of industry experience, Stork is a leading provider of sand management services and caisson inspection. They have a proven track record around the world working with major industry players to safely deliver advanced online desanding workscopes. Stork owns and maintains their own fleet of specialist cleaning equipment in compliance with ISO and ATEX Standards.

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