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Return to Scene

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Cutting-edge software, visualisation and digitalisation solutions

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November 25 2022

R2S is an award-winning multi-platform software used by the world's biggest companies. In its fourth major iteration, it continues to push boundaries, create efficiencies, reduce cost and enhance collaboration.

With a reputation for world-leading visualisation capabilities providing real world context, the intuitive visual R2S software is a gateway to unlimited data including cross-functionality with third-party sytems.

AR and Web enabled applications widen access to data which can also be absorbed from third party systems. Client self-capture of visual data can also be facilitated through provision of an equipment kit.


Significantly reduces travel to asset i.e. helicopter transfer / transit to remote site
Reduces requirement for on-site survey, relieving bed space pressures
Increase working efficiency – get it right first time, every time
Overlay and comparison tools allow comparison, i.e. “as is” -v- “as built"
Improved asset awareness
Reduction in future spend
Reduced time looking for data, powerful search function across R2S and external data sources
Photogrammetric imagery is not live


Areas of Application Design, construction, commissioning, operations, asset life extension and decommissioning.
Capabilities Full site visualisation with intuitive navigation and measurement capability. Overlay of additional data sets including 3D model, engineering documentation and live data.
Collaboration Improved collaboration and communication between office and site, stakeholders and contractors.
Return on Investment Proven tangible return on investment through reduction in site surveys, travel requirements and working efficiencies.
Usability No requirement for specialist hardware or training.
Versatility Remote surveying and estimation for operational planning – turnarounds, Fabric Maintenance, integrity management, life extension, decommissioning.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Return To Scene Ltd.

Return To Scene Limited delivers award-winning software, visualisation and digitalisation solutions to the world's biggest companies.
Established in 2008, our continuous drive for research and development and innovation has ensured we remain at the cutting edge – setting the benchmark across the multiple industries we support internationally.
From our origins revolutionising the capture and presentation of crime scenes and supporting incident investigation for police, government and the forensic sector, we developed our capabilities to produce solutions for other industries.
Today, the potential application of what we do is unlimited. 

+44 (0) 1224 355 880
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