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Business Process Mapping (RACI) and Management System Software

Define, communicate and improve how an organisation operates and is managed

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:28

Author is a digital platform which is based on a well proven approach to process definition and management. It uses a generic management system structure that is relevant to all business sectors including oil and gas, engineering and professional services.

Author enables an integrated management system description to be easily developed and published on an organisation’s network or Intranet to encourage compliance, consistency, and improvement.

Create a single, integrated management system with a full navigation menu & search capability. You can view and navigate a published system here.


A simple and powerful tool to communicate the business controls in an organisation
Clearly defines roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation
Improves working efficiency in organisations by simplifying procedural paperwork
Enhances customer focus, stakeholder alignment and value delivery
Increases organisational agility and management of risk
Improves strategy execution
Facilitates performance improvement
Aligns with ISO 9001:2015 and other standards
Requires an appreciation of process management and a systems approach to management


Areas of Application Organisations which require an agile approach to controlling the business.
Business Efficiency Enhanced through simplified clarity of interfaces, risks and responsibilities.
Capabilities Fully scalable for organisations from SME to corporations.
Compatibility Readily installed on a wide range of IT platforms.
Compliance Assists in achieving recognised ISO and other industry standards.
Customer Focus Clearly communicates priorities in process management to achieve alignment.
Documentation Simplifies and clarifies, reduces volumes and makes your management system a business asset.
Implementation time Get started within minutes, see results within hours.

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About Mandos Software

Mandos Software was specifically created to develop this software product and has a client base that includes the UK, Norway, China and the US.

Its clients include oil and gas operators and service companies, defence and hospitality industries

+44 (0) 1224 325 230
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