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Field data collection and analytics

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April 11 2024

Obzervr is a powerful field activity app and analytics platform which combines all the aspects of field activity into one simple, user-friendly mobile app. We simplify the complicated by generating real-time, actionable analytics. In a world of constant change, Obzervr creates value for your business by improving your ability to extract intelligence from data. By digitising field work and allowing simultaneous connectivity to your core systems, Obzervr creates efficiencies that remove paper and double handling. This increases the productivity of your team by 40-55% and provides real-time actionable insights to support complex decisions. 


Pros & Limitations
Work online/offline
Reduce reporting time from 5 weeks < 2 days
40-55% Productivity improvement
API integration to ERPs such as SAP, Pronto, Ellipse etc.
Real-time analytics
Cross-platform mobile app (IOS, Android, Microsoft)
Ability to take pictures, scan barcodes
Sampling workflow
Manage by exception


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Obzervr was created to deliver immediate business intelligence efficiently to the Energy, Mining and Resource industries. Founded in Brisbane, Obzervr is a proven cloud based platform driving powerful analytics while using data from the field. The future is about leveraging vast amounts of machine data and tuning it into actionable insights. Followed by the number as is.

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