Obzervr - Fieldwork Mobility Solution

Field Data Collection and Analytics

Obzervr is a powerful field activity app and analytics platform which combines all the aspects of field activity into one simple, user-friendly mobile app. We simplify the complicated by generating real-time, actionable analytics. In a world of constant change, Obzervr creates value for your business by improving your ability to extract intelligence from data. By digitising field work and allowing simultaneous connectivity to your core systems, Obzervr creates efficiencies that remove paper and double handling. This increases the productivity of your team by 40-55% and provides real-time actionable insights to support complex decisions. 



Work online/offline
Reduce reporting time from 5 weeks < 2 days
40-55% Productivity improvement
API integration to ERPs such as SAP, Pronto, Ellipse etc.
Real-time analytics
Cross-platform mobile app (IOS, Android, Microsoft)
Ability to take pictures, scan barcodes
Sampling workflow
Manage by exception
Can't upload videos or audio files


Accessibility Cloud hosted | Microsoft Azure | No hardware purchases and installation | SaaS
Areas of Application All industries handling large amount of field data and cannot aggregate this in a single place accessible to the workforce | Oil and Gas | Mining | Safety | Environment Compliance | Facilities
Capabilities Pre-emptive Alerts and Alarms for issues | Able to capture photos, signatures, drawings | Timesheets capture and follow-on work request | Predictive maintenance
Connectivity Works online and offline | Data automatically synchronized every 30 secs, if there is no connectivity you can still complete your work and synchronize data later on
Implementation time 3 months max
Installation Obzervr is a one-click installation cross mobile app that can be used on any device (IOS, Android, Windows) with full online and offline capability.
Non man entry Able to gather IoT and human data for real-time business analytics.
Security Data stored and encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), ensuring confidentiality and privacy | Role based Access Control for every user | Approval workflow | Functional locations, plant and equipment

About Obzervr

Obzervr was founded in Brisbane, when the founders realised that many projects in the energy sector are based on inefficient, time- consuming and paper-based processes to collect and interpret field data. After conducting extensive research, founders realised there wasn’t a software solution to address this challenge. Obzervr was created to deliver immediate business intelligence efficiently, quickly and accurately to the energy industry by discovering the value locked away in their field data.

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