Wind Turbine Drone Inspection

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Digital processes for analysis and reporting with the support of artificial intelligence

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February 22 2024

100% and fully operable in onshore and offshore areas/environment with inspection of all kinds of primarily vertical standing industrial objects, but with BIG focus on wind turbines. Fully automated flights with a very robust and wind-stable helicopter drone. Digital analysis, qualification, and classification of given data for anomalies or defects with normal and infrared images. Support of artificial intelligence for easier detection of findings. Automated reporting system in pdf or in conjunction with an interface to the customers ERP-System. All developments (hard- and software) are done in-house, so we can easily react to customers' (special) needs.

Pros & Limitations
Cost reduction by reducing allocation of manpower and wind-turbine downtimes
Standardized data quality thanks to the digitization of all data by AERO-Software Package
Effective & efficient damage assessment with automatically generated reports
Increasing safety at work by reducing staffing risk
Predictive Maintenance compiling comparative data from previous inspection
Only a contactless (NDT) inspection from a short distance is possible
Specification Title Specification Description
Inspection service with drones on wind turbines on request with own ship.
Automated analysis and reporting system with AI and interface to customers ERP-System.
Operating Conditions
Lower weather risk for the customer due to high wind stable flying inspection platform, high accessibility granted.
As we are also a part of Buss-Group ( and WINDEA ( we can provide a large selection of extra service like ship logistics and blade-repair service.
Especially offshore about 8 times faster inspection compared to rope workers.
Self developed, client based software with ability to follow customers needs.


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We are a team of specialized technicians. Our team covers fields of aviation technology, mechatronics, and IT. With a high commitment that is typical for start-ups, we have come together in 2015. Through the use of a ‘disrupting technology’, we create a simple and efficient solution for the inspection of vertical objects, in particular wind turbines. Today we are able to connect image data from external hardware to our in-house software. Thus we can expand our customer base constantly. Additionally, we work together with partners in our own cooperation programs.

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