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Electrical signature analysis-based condition monitoring for AC motors and rotating equipment

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May 31 2023

SAM4 detects over 90% of developing faults up to five months before failure, enabling maintenance teams to prevent unplanned downtime, cut down on routine inspections and time-based maintenance. Every SAM4 alert includes both a description of the detected fault and recommended actions, so you can plan and conduct your work efficiently.

SAM4 provides features such as a real-time pump performance dashboard that can help you steer pump operation in real time, as well as provide longer-term insights into the pump's performance and energy use. Regular insight reports help you get the most out of SAM4's data analysis.

Our online phone-and-tablet-optimized installation tutorial provides clear instructions your team can use to install each sensor in the motor control cabinet within 30 minutes.

SAM4's sensors don't need batteries, and since they install in the Motor Control Cabinet, not on the machine, SAM4 can reliably monitor equipment that's underground, underwater, remote, or exposed to chemicals, heat, and other harsh conditions.

Both ABB and Schneider Electric offer SAM4 as part of their product catalogue, including global, 24/7 support options. 

Case Study Samotics


Adresses the 3 biggest contributors to energy waste: Unplanned downtime, inefficient operations, and poor asset selection
Monitors AC motors, transmissions, and driven load based on a single set of sensors from inside the MCC
Highly scalable solution, available for assets operating in hard-to-reach-places (ESPs!), extreme conditions, and ATEX-zones
Detects +90% of mechanical and electrical faults early, up to months before failure
Provides actionable information about where and how energy can be saved
Improves machine performance and lifespan
End-to-end system, that includes sensor and communication hardware, AI algortihms, and dasboards
Provided as a Service for an annual, all-in fee of $300-$700 per system
Available across the globe, supported by partners like ABB and Schneider Electric
Requires a cloud connection via 4G, Wi-Fi, or cable
Installation requires an hour of downtime per asset


Areas of Application Oil and gas exploration and production, chemicals, water & wastewater, metals & mining
Capabilities Condition Monitoring | Performance Monitoring | Energy Consumption Monitoring
Certifications / licences ISO 27001 | ISO 9001
Compliance Hardware is CE and UL certified
Connectivity Cabled Internet | Wi-Fi | 4G
Operating conditions In Motor Control Cabinet: 0 - 50 Celcius | Humidity 0% - 80%
Power Gateway: 24/48v, 15.4W Switch: 24/48v, 65W (full load) Datalogger: Power over Ethernet via Switch.

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About Samotics

Samotics is a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to optimize performance and energy efficiency of AC motors and rotating equipment. An expert team of data scientists, software developers and technical specialists has developed an AI-driven platform that supports global industrial companies in reducing energy waste and unplanned downtime. Our customer base includes sector-leading players such as Anglian Water, ArcelorMittal, Nobian and Shell. Global partners include ABB and Schneider Electric. 

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