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WES Wind Energy Technology

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Small and Mid-sized wind turbine projects and solutions

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May 5 2023

All our turbines have our unique passive pitch system. This is based on a teetering hub principle. This technology has been designed in 1980, developed for more than 35 years and it is the best concept for blade pitch for midsize wind turbines.

With the result that the WES wind turbine suffers less wear and enjoys a longer life expectancy in comparison with other turbines. Check out the passive pitch video to learn more about this unique interesting technique!


Needs only one crane to be installed
As rotor weight is lighter the cut in wind speed will be lower than for conventional rotors
80% of WES turbines are built with of the shelf components (ABB Generator, Siemens Gearbox, CT invertor systems)
A proven long-term reliability over 20 years
Uses 2 bladed wind turbines rather than 3 bladed
2 bladed wind turbines need less wind to start up than 3 bladed designs
Less expensive than conventional wind turbines
No wind - no energy production


Remote Monitoring The system makes it possible to log data from the wind turbine on a remote computer. | Also available for mobile devices (tablets, smartphone).
Noise The evolution of wind farm technology over the past decade has rendered mechanical noise from turbines almost undetectable.
Environment Clean, green energy. | Decreases the use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy and other polluting energy sources, decreasing CO2 emissions.
Size Rotor diameters of 18 to 34 meters.
Power Power demand of 50 kW up to 250 kW.
Customizability Options for WES Hybrid and the Hurricane Hoisting Crane.

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About Wind Energy Solutions

Our mission is to bring renewable energy everywhere! We believe that wind energy solutions can and should be applied in virtually any situation.

As long as there is sufficient wind and a demand for a reliable and renewable source of electricity, WES has a wind energy solution that works for you!

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