Membrane Biogas Upgrading

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State of the Art Technology for Biogas Upgrading

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August 4 2023

Gas separation membranes are often successfully used in industry for the separation of gases such as hydrogen purification, the production of nitrogen, the removal of carbon dioxide, moisture, and other substances.

Gas separation is based on the difference in the permeability of the molecules of different sizes by the membrane. The size of the molecules, the pressure difference between the inlet and permeate side, as well as the temperature of the gas, are the main driving forces for the separation of the gases.

The membranes have proven to be reliable and easy to use.


High methane efficiency possible (methane losses < 0.5%)
Low product gas losses, therefore more m³ upgraded gas
Compact and simple process
No heat use
Dry process, no use of water or chemicals
Re-use of CO₂ possible (CO₂ purity > 98%)
Reliable setup and equipment
Low operation and maintenance costs
Full automatic operation
No nitrogen removal from the biomethane


Accuracy CO₂ removal down to 1%.
Capabilities Methane losses down to 0.5% | 60 - 10.000 NM³/h
Areas of Application Biogas from WWTP | Digesters | Co fermentation | Gas from gasification
Certification/ Licenses Pressure Equipment Directive | Machinery Directive | Electrical Installations Directive | EMC Directive | Atex Directive | Zone Classification ATEX
Flexibility Automatic adaptation to changing gasflows and qualities.
Maintenance Low maintenance because of less moving elements.
Modular Design Easy modular design because of membrane elements.
Application 50-10.000 Nm³/h biogas. | Production of green gas, biomethane, liquified CO₂, liquified biomethane.

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Greenmac has been building knowledge and expertise on upgrading Biogas since 1987. We develop sophisticated technologies for upgrading biogas to biomethane.
Since Greenmac is part of the stable family owned Rootselaargroup, we have the possibility to advise and support our Clients in financing the systems with lease or flexible payment terms. We were the worldwide first to adapt VPSA technology for landfill gas upgrading, and also first with the Low Pressure CO₂ Absorption (LP Cooab®) technology. The membrane upgrading process completes our upgrading portfolio.

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