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Small Scale Biogas Upgrading Plant

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August 4 2023

A small scale LP-Cooab (Low-Pressure CO2 Absorption) upgrading system was standardized in collaboration with CCS, branded Bio-Up®, specifically to make biogas upgrading available for normal sized farms. A dairy farmer with 200 cows (or equivalent) is already able to profit from sustainable energy production, depending on your national renewable energy benefits. Bio-Up® is completely integrated in a standard 40ft container and delivered pre-assembled on site. A fully automated system and remote control means that it is easy to operate.

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Almost no methane losses (<0,1%)
Low electrical consumption
High reliability
Compact design
Low operation and maintenance costs
Fully unattended automatic control
Re-use of carbon dioxide possible
High amount of heat recovery
Standard injection in low pressure grid. For high pressure grids an additional compressor can be added.


Accuracy Methane losses < 0,1% | Methane purity > 97%
Application Manure digestion | Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)
Capabilities 60 Nm³/h biogas
Certifications/ Licences Pressure Equipment Directive | Machinery Directive | Electrical Installations Directive | EMC Directive | Equipment in Atex surroundings | Zone classification ATEX
Compliance MR Gaswet | Richtlijnen beheersprotocol groen gas invoedingen
Size 40 ft container

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Greenmac has been building knowledge and expertise on upgrading Biogas since 1987. We develop sophisticated technologies for upgrading biogas to biomethane.
Since Greenmac is part of the stable family owned Rootselaargroup, we have the possibility to advise and support our Clients in financing the systems with lease or flexible payment terms. We were the worldwide first to adapt VPSA technology for landfill gas upgrading, and also first with the Low Pressure CO₂ Absorption (LP Cooab®) technology. The membrane upgrading process completes our upgrading portfolio.

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