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Multi-functioning load bearing remotely operated vehicle

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August 4 2023

Load bearing UTRoV system is vertically tethered and can be deployed by a vessel crane or launch and recovery system, (LARS). It has a 55-ton safe working load (SWL) and includes a full range of sensors and integrated controls. The system has a range of available tooling; various grabs, shears, excavators, lifting frames, and a highly innovative mattress recovery tool (MRT).

The UTROV system itself combines activities traditionally undertaken by WRoV manipulation, combined with tooling launched by a vessel crane or LARS.
The key benefit being that the UTRoV combines these activities


Cost benefits associated with time benefits of execution
Cost benefit associated with minimized deck layout of single system
Safety benefit associated with remote control, driverless, back deck works etc.
Environmental benefits from reduced energy consumption
Cost benefits from ability to be deployed from low cost vessel platform
55 ton max lift. UTROV addresses the bulk of subsea oil and gas and renewable removals unless above 55 tons, such as manifolds


Areas of application Oil and gas Decommissioning of subsea infrastructure (mattresses, grout bags, pipelines, pipe-spool, flexibles, debris, deburial, survey, inspection, excavation) Renewables – boulder replacement, cable burial and trenching support, survey and inspection.
Cost Industry leading cost benefits, associated with improved cycle times, management of uncertainties and comprehensive tooling application.
Capabilities UTROV is self propelled, while being on the crane hook to create the fastest cycle times for locating a target, executing and then recovery to deck (or relocation).
Capacity 55 Tons safe working load (SWL).
Customer focus Supporting Tier 1 vessel owners in providing the most competitive plan proposals to then proactively and successfully manage the execution phase.
Containerized footprint Effective deck space management, with one interchangeable system.
Certification/licenses DNV certified
Compatability Will interface with others tools, when required, and managed by UTROV team.
Flexibility Multi-functioning tool spread to address uncertainties encountered in execution.
Safety Diverless, remote operated and manpower removed from high risk vessel back deck activities.

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Develop, build and execute innovative subsea service technology and provide a fully managed execution service, utilizing the only load-bearing multi-functioning RoV system.

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