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Risk-based well decommissioning Software

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Systematically and comparatively evaluating risks for innovative well barrier design

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November 30 2022

Astrimar has established track record supporting operator well decommissioning design decisions and ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) risk demonstration. Many wells to be decommissioned will have challenges requiring innovative designs that deviate from those specified in industry (e.g. OGUK or NORSOK) guidelines or require application of new plugging technologies. For these wells, a quantified or semi-quantified risk assessment is fundamental to demonstrating acceptable risk management and ALARP. Astrimar’s STEM-flow software supports prediction of barrier system failure over time.


Enables alternate well decommissioning designs and solutions
Optimises use of data to predict barrier performance
Helps understand impact of uncertainty over time
Supports identification of cost effective solutions while maintaining acceptable risk
Enables risk assessment process suited to demonstrating ALARP
Supports assessment of impact of non-ideal and novel conditions through analysis of barrier system failure mechanisms
The simplified failure mechanism models assume homogeneity of barriers and interfaces (however, simulations estimate expected performance over a range of possible input criteria)
Models require initial identification of barrier failure modes and mechanisms (Typically supported by a FMECA analysis)


Optimisation Assessment of multiple designs, optimising for cost, safety, compliance and risk
Material Assessment of alternative well barrier materials, including novel plugging technologies, and impact of technology uncertainty
Cost Assesses cost-benefit from a risk-managed perspective to support cost reduction through comparative assessment
Flexibility Ability to assess multiple abandonment designs and associated risk, to enable non-standard innovative P&A solutions
Compliance Supports operators in demonstrating compliance in adopting risk-based well P&A
Deployment Supports risk-based qualification of novel P&A technologies and their acceptance for deployment

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About Astrimar

Astrimar is an independent engineering consultancy specialising in Reliability, Integrity, Technical Risk Management, and Technology Qualification, in the energy industry, including wide experience with design and technology projects, asset IM and late-life operations. We provide expert reliability and technical risk analysis, technology development and qualification, data-driven future predictive integrity assessments and risk-based decision making. Our specialist software tools offer state of the art practical solutions built on decades of experience.

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