VariBall™ Roller System

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Enhance the extended reach of slickline or e-line operations in highly deviated wells.

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December 11 2023

The VariBall Roller System for slickline and e-line provides an efficient and effective down hole roller for systems used in high angled wells. Successful wireline operations in excess of 80 degrees are now routinely performed utilising the VariBall Roller System.

The elliptical roller ensures that the only point of contact between the toolstring and the tubing wall is the roller reducing frictional drag. The elliptical shape causes the roller to self-align in its most efficient rotational plane parallel with the low side of the tubing.

To aid orientation and allow for wireline rotation, the VariBall has an inbuilt swivel as part of the main assembly. The rollers are interchangeable allowing the client to require one chassis and various sized rollers to allow operational flexibility.


Four different sizes of chassis that, covering the range from 2-3/8” through to 7” tubing.
Elliptical self-aligning rollers
Orientated body to ensure roller to tubing contact
360º built-in swivel
Proven field reliability throughout the Hunting VariBall product range
Flexibility and adaptability over current roller systems on the market
Minimal parts, low maintenance
Open tolerance design of chassis to roller, which allows ingress / egress of wellbore debris
Cost savings - inventory and spare parts
It is not supplied with a fixed roller size


Areas of Application Ideally suited to highly deviated well bores | Built in swivels
Capabilities Elliptical roller design ensures that only the rollers are in contact with the tubing walls.
Compatability Standard chassis system, allows various roller configurations | Available in different connection configurations
Cost Cost-saving due to minimal parts and lower maintenance.
Handling Enhances extended reach in various operations | Improves deviated or horizontal well access
Material VariBall rollers are 4140/45 carbon steel as standard and have been put through a hardening process.

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