Motion Compensated Gangways (Telescopic Access Bridges)

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Modular walk-to-work solution available for purchase and rent

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April 11 2024

To transfer people and cargo safely and easily to and from an offshore structure, SMST has developed a range of motion compensated gangways, the Telescopic Access Bridges (TAB) – S to XL series, that vary in length from 4 to 58 meters. The movements of the gangways can be passively or actively compensated. All bridges can be deployed for cargo handling and are available for purchase or rent.

Since jobs and vessels vary all the time, SMST offers flexibility to the offshore industry by providing access solutions consisting of modular components, suitable for all possible operational conditions. The modular setup of the gangway M series (TAB-M) makes operation for specific project set ups possible. This gangway can consist of stacking modules for various height adjustments. The active motion compensation ensures high workability.

For safe and stepless transfer of people and cargo, the motion compensated gangway L series can be combined with SMST’s Access & Cargo Tower. This logistic solution integrates a bridge, tower and elevator system, enabling working on various heights in all kind of weather conditions.

For operation of the gangway, the vessels own operators are instructed by SMST. SMST provides qualified training on board or using the training simulator at their premises in Drachten (the Netherlands). SMST offers worldwide service and availability for its equipment.


Pros & Limitations
Continuous flow of personnel and cargo
High workability by Active Motion Compensation
Flexible application by modular set-up
Available for purchase and rent
Low power consumption
Proven track record
Worldwide 24/7 support
Walk-to-work not available for smaller crew transfer vessels
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Renewables | Offshore Wind | Oil & Gas
Operated by own crew | Stepless approach | Connection time in approx. 3 minutes
Cargo handling
Via winch below bridge tip | Cargo transporter or (3D) motion compensated crane
Certifications / licences
Containerized footprint
Allows fast mobilization with a single lift installation.
Implementation time
Fully operational in only 1 day.
Motion compensation
Active motion compensation.
Ability to transfer people and cargo.
A workability study is substantiated in combination with the vessels data | Safe and stepless transfers up to Hs 4.5m
Working at height
Working on height with stacking modules or by means of SMST's Access & Cargo Tower.


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SMST is an internationally operating company that designs and builds offshore equipment. Its product range covers a broad spectrum for the supply chain of the offshore industry. SMST offers systems for access, lifting, drilling, pipelaying and specials. A selected part of the offshore equipment is also available for rent.

Through the unique combination of its in-house design and engineering expertise, production facilities, testing capacity, worldwide installation and service & aftersales, SMST is able to deliver high quality engineering and product solutions that match customer’s specifications and expectations.

Modularity of the products enlarges operational possibilities and offers flexibility to the offshore industry. All systems are designed and built in accordance with the international standard and are certified by recognized authorities.

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