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Wireless acoustic telemetry monitoring system

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February 22 2024

Next-generation acoustic telemetry system that measures wellbore pressure and temperature in real-time, a mandatory requirement for good reservoir management in oil & gas wells. Our wireless downhole gauge systems are ideal for providing real-time downhole data during drill stem testing and production well testing.

Pros & Limitations
100+ years of accumulated downhole monitoring time globally (115+ installations)
Industry leading acoustic technology for short and long-term reservoir monitoring
Short and long-term monitoring of wells is routinely carried out to provide data to improve our understanding of the reservoir
The SonicGauge™ Plug Verification System (SG-PVS) can be deployed in conjunction with mechanical plugs or metal barriers to monitor both the initial pressure test and provide ongoing pressure measurement to confirm well isolation for up to 8 years
Wireless downhole data transfer offers a safe, simple and reliable alternative to both cabled PDHMS and sporadic memory gauge surveys
The technology can deliver long-term real-time pressure and temperature data as well as on-board data storage memory
Reduces well intervention and wellsite exposure
The technology can deliver long-term real-time pressure and temperature data
Onboard Data storage capability (Downloaded at recovery) Pre-installation Programmable Scheduling
Not as effective as EM technologies in cemented environments
At this time only suitable for Land and Platform Applications, no subsea offering to date
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Drill stem testing (SRO) | Production well testing | Artificial lift monitoring (PCP, SRP, Gas lift, Water-flood) | Reservoir monitoring and failed cabled gauge solution | Well abandonment and barrier verification |Underground energy storage.
Long- or Short-term system life > 8 years dependent on Temperature and Frequency Rates.
100+ years of accumulated downhole monitoring time (37,000+ days) 115+ installations globally.
Cost effect solutions enabling clients to improve OPEX, CAPEX and ABEX spend throughout the life of well.


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Acoustic Data is a leading provider of real-time wireless downhole monitoring solutions. The company’s proprietary SonicGauge™ technology uses next-generation acoustic telemetry to transmit real-time downhole pressure, temperature and vibration data to surface from wells monitoring subsurface energy storage, hydrocarbon production, injection and observation wells, as well as plugged and abandoned wells.

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