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Twister Separator System

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Highest revenue at lowest cost

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March 14 2023

The Twister Separator System offers highly effective gas separation at the lowest life-cycle cost. Highest availability in combination with chemical-free operations and hardly any maintenance make it safe, efficient, and profitable. The system comprises of the Supersonic Separator and the Hydrate Separator. Multiple Supersonic Separators operate around a single Hydrate Separator, enabling chemical-free dehydration and hydrocarbon dewpointing in one small-footprint module. Absence of emissions makes the system the best ESG-performing. Twister can be operated remotely, unmanned and completely controlled from the central control room.


High availability
Compact and enclosed
Chemical free dehydration
Virtually no maintenance
Simple and reliable/no rotating parts
No emissions
Reduced plot space
Suitable for unmanned operations
Requires pressure drop (like other expansion cooling technologies)


Areas of application Onshore and Offshore gas dehydration and/or hydrocarbon dewpointing both for sweet and sour natural gas. Bulk CO2 removal from natural gas. Light Oil/Condensate stripping from natural gas.
Environment Sustainable, long-term and environmentally sound gas processing. A risk-free alternative to conventional systems reliant on solvents, adsorption beds, chemicals and complex glycol-based regeneration processes.
Safety High availability, no unplanned outages, and minimal HSE and environmental risk due to no chemicals and emissions.
Flexibility Flexible gas processing solutions which can be scaled up to handle varying gas flow rates and gas composition.
Applicability Can be optimized for a broad variety of applications from dehydration and hydrocarbon dewpointing applications through to NGL recovery applications at higher pressure drops.
Capabilities Recovers valuable hydrocarbons through highly efficient expansion cooling with no rotating parts.
CAPEX Savings come from less supporting equipment, smaller footprint and platform sizes, reduced installation costs, and an end to the equipment and laboratory facilities used in chemical-based separation.
OPEX Operational costs are reduced by low maintenance requirements and the chemical free operation, plus increased revenues from higher gas production and increased condensate volumes resulting from higher production time (more than 99% uptime).

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Twister BV

Twister delivers safe, sustainable, economically efficient and high-yield separation gas processing solutions in the upstream and midstream oil & gas markets. With over 200,000 hours of commercial operation across different continents and with its technologies in operation for over 15 years, Twister is the natural destination for safe, sustainable and profitable gas separation and processing.

  • Significantly reduced facilities and weight reduction with associated cost savings.
  • Low operating costs compared to alternative technologies.
  • High availability and reliability.
  • Minimal operator intervention.
+31 (0) 70 303 0006
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