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Compact and controllable separation having high turndown capability

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September 20 2023

The Twister SwirlSep combines the advantages of the Twister SwirlValve with an inline separator. The swirl flow generated by the SwirlValve is directly utilized to separate heavy from light phases in the downstream inline separator, while maintaining low shear and minimizing erosion. High turndown is achieved as the strength of the swirl flow is independent of the flow rate when the pressure drop remains constant. It is a cost effective way to minimize plot space and to debottleneck plants where existing separators are overloaded.


Compact and inline
High turndown
Enhanced droplet coalescence: improved efficiency
Minimized footprint
Debottlenecks existing overloaded separators
Reduced hydrocarbon inventory
Higher pressure drop is required compared to conventional separators. Therefore, it is recommended to replace upstream pressure or level control valves by SwirlSep, rather than place them in series.


Areas of Application Gas/Oil separation processes. | Oil/Water separation processes.
Capabilities Compact two-phase separation. | Minimizes footprint. | High turndown range. | Flow debottlenecking of separator trains.
Control of Process Flow Combines the use of flow or pressure control valve with two-phase separation.
Integration The system is easily integrated in existing plants due to its compactness.
Simulation Tools The SwirlSep is customer optimized using CFD.
Volume & Weight Reduced hydrocarbon inventory and system weight due to minimized system volume.

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Twister delivers safe, sustainable, economically efficient and high-yield separation gas processing solutions in the upstream and midstream oil & gas markets. With over 200,000 hours of commercial operation across different continents and with its technologies in operation for over 15 years, Twister is the natural destination for safe, sustainable and profitable gas separation and processing.

  • Significantly reduced facilities and weight reduction with associated cost savings.
  • Low operating costs compared to alternative technologies.
  • High availability and reliability.
  • Minimal operator intervention.
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